War Museum Askifou
MONDAY-SUNDAY | 9am - 9pm

George A. Chatzidakis, a child who saw the light of life in a village of Sfakia (Askifou) on December 12, 1931 and died defeated by the disease on 12 December 2007.A few years after his birth, the German invasion on the island became a reality. The eyes of a ten years boy saw the savage face of war in wake of scattered ruins, suffering and death.

The house was one of the thousands that were destroyed by the merciless bombardment of the enemy. What is the cost but more was the loss of his younger sister. On his forehead was a large sign visible from the injury that came close to the lead in the bloody list of unjustly shed children of that war. Actually the scenes that marred experienced not only the body but the soul.

The rest of his family and himself managed to escape and find refuge a few miles farther on a village of Vamos (Georgioupolis). The war had left a question ... ... pondered the futility of ... Since there managed to fight and defend the sacred soil of the island wanted to honor the other way as a genuine Cretan to win it a few drops of immortality.

It started with a passion to collect every vestige of the battle to succeed as characteristically telling himself to keep alive the glorious memory of our ancestors and to stimulate younger to deal with their history. The collection currently lists over 2000 items for the period 1940-44 and continues to grow ever thanks to the persistent and admirable efforts of his son, Andrew G. Chatzidakis, who eventually hopes to find a way to accommodate and create a war museum worthy of their history.